August 21, 2019 3 min read


Do you consume a glass of orange juice daily? Include red peppers to your appetizer at lunch? If yes, your skin thanks you. Not of course for a nutritious, healthy diet, but confirming that vitamin C is an integral element of it.

Your body requires multiple sources of nourishment and vast array of nutrients to look its best. However, when it comes to beautiful skin, hair and nails, vitamin C is the best player. It provides a lot more than just immune-promoting capabilities. Not only does it helps revitalize and protect your skin, but also offers anti-aging and scar reducing properties.

Whether in the form of food or applied topically, you should include vitamin C in your daily health and beauty routine.

Sun Protection

The direct exposure to sunlight let free radicals destroy your skin’s support system, causing inflammation and signs of aging. Vitamin C as being a powerful antioxidant neutralizes free radicals and reduces inflammation.

Collagen Formation

Topical vitamin C serums can encourage collagen production that helps in tightening sagging skin, making it look brighter and toned. The additional collagen might curtail and prohibit the signs of aging. Make sure to select products having L-ascorbic acid as an active ingredient to witness fast and long-lasting results.

Bright and Beautiful Complexion

Since vitamin C prompts collagen production, it brings back the lost skin glow, reduces deep wrinkles and helps your skin look radiant and beautiful. Because of its natural bleaching capabilities, products containing vitamin C also prevent skin discoloration and brown spots.

Repairs and Rejuvenates

Products containing vitamin C can helps repair and rejuvenate your skin, making it look all gleaming and beautiful. Moreover, it also accelerates the healing process.

Helps Skin Retain its Natural Moisture

Dull and dry skin is more vulnerable to cuts and wounds. Using vitamin C in shape of serums and creams helps skin retain its natural moisture. The regular use of such products ensures soft and supple skin and radiant complexion.



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