About Us


SKYN Clinic Custom Blends is a results oriented, custom formulated skin care line created by SKYN Clinic & Apothecary.

Located in Duluth, GA, SKYN Clinic & Apothecary offers the most innovative and holistic skin care treatments. Treating over 5000 clients and creating custom formulated products for each client, SKYN Clinic & Apothecary has been awarded one of the best ‘Anti-aging & Corrective Skin Care Clinics’ in Georgia.

At SKYN we thoughtfully create each product blend from our selection of fresh ingredients. You can order any blend you please, in whatever product you like at your own convenience. We blend, stir, and shake each mixture before serving it up with your name on it.

Each product is custom blended specifically for YOU!

Because your product is customized right in the clinic, there is no shelf life, so you get a super-charged, potent product. You no longer have to buy products that have been sitting on the shelf for years while losing its potency. Also, custom blending is healthier for your skin because we do not use any harmful preservatives or ingredients.

Every product on the market starts off as an organic base with natural ingredients. Because manufacturers want to mass produce products for quick selling, preservatives are added to the products. This changes the product’s potency and ultimately creates a toxic chemical based product that is sold to us every day. 

Studies show that Custom-Blended skin care may be up to 400% more effective than traditional off-the- shelf skin care products.


  • Made on-the-spot
  • Fresh ingredients
  • NO parabens, No mineral oil
  • NO chemical dyes
  • NO fragrances
  • No harmful preservatives
  • No shelf life, will never sit on the shelf for years, before being purchased, while losing its potency.
  • Corrective, results driven
  • Contains the highest level of active ingredients and the lowest practical level of preservatives.
  • Your product will contain only those ingredients that YOU need, only those ingredients that will benefit YOU – only those ingredients that will deliver results for YOU.